Have you ever wondered what your favorite scent might say about your personality or which scent aligns well with who you are? Different aromas may actually have a personality type. You can find out if this holds true for you or you may even find another scent you want to try out based on these findings.

  • Woodsy – It’s no surprise that people who like these scents tend to enjoy being surrounded by nature. Sandalwood (one of the more common woodsy scents) has been associated with motivated people that like perfection.
  • Floral – These tend to be associated with people who are more romantic and like to be dressed nicely. If you gravitate toward rose, you may be more introspective. If gardenia is more your thing, you can be seen as a loyal person that can be relied on.
  • Tea tree – You may be looked at as earthy and wise.
  • Citrus – These scents re associated with people who are strong willed, natural leaders, energetic, and outgoing.
  • Fruity – If you like these scents, it may mean that you are energetic or sarcastic (or both!)
  • Lavender – One of the most popular scents, lavender is associated with well-liked people who make good friends.
  • Vanilla – This scent tends to attract fun loving, energetic, party-loving people.
  • Cinnamon – If you like cinnamon, you may be someone who’s focused and charismatic.
  • Frankincense – Those who like this scent tend to be spiritual, creative, and value their alone time.
  • Linen – The clean scent of linen is perfect for the overachiever who is always ready to accomplish new feats.

There’s a scent for everyone. In fact, Buzzfeed put together a fun quiz that will suggest an essential oil based on your personality; try it out. No matter what scent you enjoy, whether it meshes with your personality or not, I invite you to check out the essential oils and fragrances on my page: https://getmojilife.com/. There are plenty of great choices to pick from!

What your scent says about your personality…

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