Things are starting to look brighter in our fight against COVID-19. Vaccines are being distributed rapidly, but there is one group that’s still at risk: children.

Vaccines are becoming available for children and research shows that transmission isn’t as high among children. But COVID-19 remains a threat, and cases are rising.

That’s why we want to share a few helpful tips on keeping things clean for children. These tips are especially helpful during the pandemic but are also great tips all year long (especially during cold and flu season).

  • Keep sanitizing. While high vaccination rates among adults will help protect kids, we still have to be vigilant, which means continuing to clean and sanitize properly. Kids are even more vulnerable to surface transmission because they are still learning proper hygiene habits. Young children often touch their faces, put toys in their mouths, and easily spread bodily fluids as they play. So regularly clean common touchpoints in your home. This includes surfaces like the counter and coffee table, as well as things like light switches, doorknobs and toilet flappers. If your kids have a playroom or favorite place to play in your home, make sure to wipe down those surfaces daily!
  • Wash toys frequently. When was the last time you washed your kid’s toys? It’s easy to forget how dirty toys can be in the home. Ask any child care operator who regularly cleans them. They can tell you that they are full of bacteria. Make sure to give those toys a regular scrub down. This includes all those playroom toys as well as bath toys. Fill your sink or a large tub with warm water, soap and vinegar or check out one of our all-purpose sprays for a quicker clean option.
  • Clean play surfaces often. If you have a home jungle gym or play structure, make sure to regularly wash it down, too especially if you have guests for a playdate. These structures are often overlooked for cleaning and can be a great place for germs and bacteria to build up.
  • Wash hands often. We know the best way to protect against contagions is frequent hand-washing, but children don’t have the same awareness about this as we do. Sure they probably know to wash their hands after leaving the bathroom, but encourage children to wash their hands when they come inside after playing or you return from school or daycare.

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Protect your children from illness with these 3 cleaning tips

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