MojiLife is so much more than a business.

As entrepreneurs, we’re passionate about making a positive impact on those around us. Our MojiCares initiative has allowed us to do this by focusing on the needs of others. After all, the only way to truly rise up is by lifting others!

Since the inception of the MojiCares program, we’ve contributed to a number of great causes including:

  • Battered women’s shelters
  • Orphanages and children’s shelters
  • Royal Family Kids Camp – A program designed for foster children
  • The Ronald McDonald House
  • Tabitha’s Way

We couldn’t be more proud of these efforts, and its 100% thanks to support from customers like you that we are able to spread this important message of care, support, and compassion.

The world is a big and sometimes scary place, but together, we can help make it feel more like home. At MojiLife, we’re committed to using a portion of our profits to support individuals and families who are in need. Every time you purchase a product from us, you are directly supporting this cause. For that, we say “thank you.

MojiCares – Serving People and Communities

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