Release Tension & Sleep Better


Many of us are walking around feeling stressed and tired. How many days this week did you gripe about feeling tired? And, how many days did you struggle to get through your to-do list? In a busy world, it’s a constant struggle to get adequate sleep and have the time to get everything accomplished. We end up feeling tired and stressed out, plus the lack of sleep only exacerbates the stress issue. So, what can we do?

This may not be a fix for all your problems. But, there is a simple solution that can help with reducing stress and help you sleep better. Take a warm bath in the evening. As an added bonus, your warm bath can also relieve tension built up in your muscles. How relaxing is that?

I want to help you create a bath that will provide you with the soothing effect you’re looking for. MojiLife offers four bath bombs, but the one I’m going to recommend for this particular occasion is the Relax Bath Bomb. This is the one you want for laying back and taking it easy. Let the warm water soothe away your worries and prepare your body for sleep.

Too many of us live each day tense and tired. Why not try a warm bath before bed to ease your mind and relax your body before getting some z’s?

If you’re interested in the Relax Bath Bomb, you can head on over to my website to check it out:

Four Ways to Save

Are you looking for great ways to save when you buy MojiProducts? I’m here to let you in on a secret, there are actually a few different ways you can make your money go even further with MojiProducts.

  • Check out the current specials. If you go to my website you can see what specials are currently going on. You’ll find different products featured at various times. You can score some great deals doing this and find new products to try.
  • Host a MojiSocial. This is a great way to earn big rewards. You could potentially earn a free gift, 50% off an item, and 20% MojiCash on all qualifying MojiSocials.
  • Use MojiEz. You can save money each month on your purchases. When you use MojiEz, your order will be delivered to your door once a month. By using this service, you can earn an additional fragrance or essential oil depending on the amount of your order.
  • Personalize your bundle. Utilizing the MojiEz service, you can choose personalized bundles that get delivered once a month. Once you add your bundle to your cart and checkout you’ll have instant savings on shipping.

You can find out more about any of these great deals by checking out my website: I invite you to explore your options and also check out any new products that have arrived. Enjoy your favorite fragrances and essential oils, but don’t be afraid to try out new ones from time to time. There are so many great options to choose from, you’re bound to find several that you love.

MojiCares – Serving People and Communities

MojiLife is so much more than a business.

As entrepreneurs, we’re passionate about making a positive impact on those around us. Our MojiCares initiative has allowed us to do this by focusing on the needs of others. After all, the only way to truly rise up is by lifting others!

Since the inception of the MojiCares program, we’ve contributed to a number of great causes including:

  • Battered women’s shelters
  • Orphanages and children’s shelters
  • Royal Family Kids Camp – A program designed for foster children
  • The Ronald McDonald House
  • Tabitha’s Way

We couldn’t be more proud of these efforts, and its 100% thanks to support from customers like you that we are able to spread this important message of care, support, and compassion.

The world is a big and sometimes scary place, but together, we can help make it feel more like home. At MojiLife, we’re committed to using a portion of our profits to support individuals and families who are in need. Every time you purchase a product from us, you are directly supporting this cause. For that, we say “thank you.