Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Finding the perfect gift for a birthday, special occasion or holiday can definitely be a challenge. For some people on your gift-giving list, it can feel impossible! We make it easy. When it comes to a gift that fits all, you can turn to MojiLIfe’s AirMoji.
In today’s hectic and stressful world, the AirMoji provides a solution to help you breathe easier and de-stress. This innovative product is the next step in fragrance infusion, refreshing and invigorating your home by dispersing the fragrance of your choice. AirMoji uses fragrance-filled wood fiber cores imported from Europe, which are saturated with custom scents designed for you. Both our fragrance pods and essential oil pods allow you to place the fragrance of your choice inside your AirMoji without ever touching the high quality oils. AirMoji can be placed anywhere in your home and is controlled using your smart phone. You can easily switch fragrances with no mess. If you have a friend who already owns an AirMoji, they would definitely appreciate new fragrance and essential oil pods.
If you’re looking for something a little smaller and a more travel-handy gift, you can consider the MojiMini, which comes in a variety of colors. Give a friend or loved one a MojiMini in their favorite color! Another gift idea is the MojiLoo, because face it, everyone needs fragrance in their bathroom. The MojiLoo is super convenient, because you can take it on-the-go.
Here’s another great gift idea: MojiLife VR Relaxation Goggles. Your friend or loved one can set up their phone to operate it, and then maximize their experience with their AirMoji device. It will create an awesome retreat from the stresses of everyday life.
Gift-giving made easy! Learn more about these gift ideas and start shopping by visiting my website today: https://getmojilife.com/

Protect your children from illness with these 3 cleaning tips

Things are starting to look brighter in our fight against COVID-19. Vaccines are being distributed rapidly, but there is one group that’s still at risk: children.

Vaccines are becoming available for children and research shows that transmission isn’t as high among children. But COVID-19 remains a threat, and cases are rising.

That’s why we want to share a few helpful tips on keeping things clean for children. These tips are especially helpful during the pandemic but are also great tips all year long (especially during cold and flu season).

  • Keep sanitizing. While high vaccination rates among adults will help protect kids, we still have to be vigilant, which means continuing to clean and sanitize properly. Kids are even more vulnerable to surface transmission because they are still learning proper hygiene habits. Young children often touch their faces, put toys in their mouths, and easily spread bodily fluids as they play. So regularly clean common touchpoints in your home. This includes surfaces like the counter and coffee table, as well as things like light switches, doorknobs and toilet flappers. If your kids have a playroom or favorite place to play in your home, make sure to wipe down those surfaces daily!
  • Wash toys frequently. When was the last time you washed your kid’s toys? It’s easy to forget how dirty toys can be in the home. Ask any child care operator who regularly cleans them. They can tell you that they are full of bacteria. Make sure to give those toys a regular scrub down. This includes all those playroom toys as well as bath toys. Fill your sink or a large tub with warm water, soap and vinegar or check out one of our all-purpose sprays for a quicker clean option.
  • Clean play surfaces often. If you have a home jungle gym or play structure, make sure to regularly wash it down, too especially if you have guests for a playdate. These structures are often overlooked for cleaning and can be a great place for germs and bacteria to build up.
  • Wash hands often. We know the best way to protect against contagions is frequent hand-washing, but children don’t have the same awareness about this as we do. Sure they probably know to wash their hands after leaving the bathroom, but encourage children to wash their hands when they come inside after playing or you return from school or daycare.

Try our Moji Cleaning products! As always, our MojiClean line is safe and all-natural so you can use our cleaners anywhere in your home. We combine powerful cleaning products with nature’s chemistry to create a safe and effective way to clean your home while keeping your loved ones safe. Our products use the power of essential oils and natural vegetable extracts instead of harsh chemicals. They’re gentle, plant-based cleaners that are safe for your loved ones and you. Best yet, they’ll keep you and your loved ones safe and protected from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Don’t worry, be happy: The benefits of optimism

A longer and happier life. Better health. Less stress. Science tells us that there’s a whole host of benefits to looking on the bright side. But what if you tend to see the glass as half empty instead of half full? Can you learn to think more positively?

Research suggests the answer is a resounding yes. Here are six simple yet effective ways to develop a more positive outlook on life:

Unleash the power of fragrance. At MojiLife, we know that the right fragrances can have a profoundly positive effect on both your mind and body. Stressed out? Our incredible lineup of therapeutic products can help you relax and rejuvenate. Ask me about fragrance pods, aromatherapy inhalers and our VR Relaxation goggles!

Make time for meditation. Research suggests that those who meditate daily display more positive emotions than those who don’t. And we’re not talking about saying ‘om’ for an hour. Even just a few minutes of meditation a day can help you dramatically boost your mood and facilitate positive thinking. The best part? Meditation is a simple thing to do — click here to get started — and doesn’t require any special equipment or a gym membership! Combine meditation with your favorite fragrance and it becomes an even more powerful calming tool.

Write it down. Keeping a journal is a great way to reflect on pleasant memories and work through not-so-pleasant experiences, all of which can elevate your mood and outlook.

Have some fun. All work and no play is no fun — not to mention hazardous to your health. When was the last time you intentionally carved out time to have fun? It could be playing with your dog or watching your favorite show. There is even research that shows people who make time for themselves are much more positive and productive in their jobs.

Make time for self-care. Self-care is critical. Carving out time to take care of your own needs can help boost your health and happiness.

Show some gratitude. In a study, researchers discovered incredible benefits to writing down what you have to be thankful for on at least a weekly basis. They asked groups of people to write a few sentences each week. One group focused on what they had to be thankful for, a second group focused on annoying things that had happened throughout the week and a third group was asked to simply write about things that happened during the week — good or bad. Those who were asked to write about what they had to be thankful for after 10 weeks were more optimistic, exercised more and felt better about their lives.

Which Holiday Movie is Your Favorite?

One of the best things about the holiday season is the plethora of movies tailor-made for this time of year. Over the last 50 years, dozens of classic films have been released that perfectly capture the essence of the American holiday season.

From comedies lampooning our obsession with Christmas lights, to serious films about the true meaning of the holidays and the giving spirit, it’s hard choosing a favorite. But that’s exactly what we’ve done in this article.

Without any further ado, here’s a look at four of the most popular holiday films of all time. Which films would you add to this list?

A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charles Shultz’s Peanuts characters are as iconic as apple pie and baseball, so it’s no wonder their Christmas special airs every year on national television. Classic Charlie Brown humor, Snoopy brilliant as always and the gang’s shenanigans. What more could you ask for?

Home Alone. The movie that made Macaulay Culkin a household name, this classic holiday film will have you laughing and wanting to spend more time with the family. Visual pranks, suspense, and fun abound. If you haven’t already seen it, add it to your list!

A Christmas Story: Poor Ralphie. He has to suffer the indignity of bunny pajamas and a swollen eyelid, all in the name of getting what he wants for Christmas. This 1983 classic may be one of the best holiday movies ever made. Check it out if you haven’t (or even if you have)!

Nightmare Before Christmas. This Tim Burton produced masterpiece draws on Halloween and Christmas to create a mashup unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Unforgettable songs, beautiful animation and a story that keeps you engaged throughout are just a few of the highlights.

Happy watching!

The Power of a Smile

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” – Connie Stevens. At MojiLife, we’re dedicated to putting smiles on the faces of our customers with incredible fragrances. Our company is dedicated to providing a product lineup that is kid-safe, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscientious. We can help anyone experience the joy of amazing fragrances — wherever and whenever they choose.

Speaking of smiling, did you know that the simple act of smiling has some powerful health benefits? Numerous studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin. These three neurotransmitters make us feel happier and less stressed. The effect on our mood and health is similar to exercise and good sleep — it simply makes you feel better. Another study shows that smiling can help reduce pain.

Here are some other things about smiling that you may not know:

Fragrances can help you feel happier. We offer a wide range of fragrances that can help you feel calm and invigorated.

You can help other people to smile more. Studies have shown that people tend to emulate the facial expressions of those around them. A boss who smiles, for example, may have employees who smile more. It’s a great chain reaction.

Smiling can make you more approachable. Scientists have discovered that people who smile are more approachable to their family and co-workers. One study found that people who smile a lot are viewed as more likable. Another great reason to turn that frown upside down!

It can lower your blood pressure. Research shows that smiling and laughter prompt an immediate increase in your heart rate and oxygen consumption, followed by a period of muscle relaxation, decreased heart rate and lower blood pressure. Researchers are exploring other ways smiling and laughter can boost your body’s vital functions.

It can give your immune system a boost. A group of studies shows that smiling and laughing can boost your immune system.

Women smile more. Most studies on the subject have found that men smile less than women, although there is little agreement as to why.

Not a person who smiles easily? Try watching funny TV shows and movies. Be on the lookout for fun things. If you love cats, try googling ‘funny cat memes’. Spend more time with happy, fun-loving and optimistic people. Need something else to smile about? Our awesome products! You can enjoy incredible fragrances that are non-toxic with no flame, no heat, and no wax.

We offer an incredible business opportunity selling quality products that enrich the lives of others. That’s something to smile about, too! Just give us a call at (801) 876-0688to get started or learn more about our awesome products.