How are you coping with social distancing?

What may have seemed unimaginable in the United States two weeks ago is now a reality. Cities are going on lockdown. Businesses and places of worship are closing their doors. In many areas, people are being instructed to practice “social distancing,” which means staying at least six feet away from others and even staying at home. This is all thanks to COVID-19, a rapidly-spreading virus that has been deadly to the elderly and those with immune disorders.

Although social distancing is important, it can be challenging. Loneliness is rough on your mental and physical health, and studies have shown it can even weaken your immune system. That’s why it’s important to remember that social distancing is different from loneliness and self-isolation. Just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to maintain relationships with your family, friends and communities. Here are a few ways you can stay social without being physically near other people.

Phone calls and video chat. This may seem obvious, but we really take phone calls and video chat for granted sometimes. Step away from texting and social media and have an actual conversation. Many people are making use of Marco Polo, Skype and Google Hangouts. If you have a large family, you could create a large group message and family members to keep tabs on each other.

Neighborhood events. Social distancing has given us a lot more time to be creative. It’s still possible to hold social events without being in close contact. For instance, this neighborhood hosted a Zumba class that was possible because everyone stayed far away from each other. Some neighborhoods have hosted “chalk your walk” events, inviting neighbors to draw encouraging messages on their sidewalks for walkers to enjoy. You also could invite neighbors to hang fun pictures in their windows.

Get together with a friend, social distancing style. The CDC recommends staying six feet away from others, not avoiding them completely. If your community isn’t on lock down, you can still spend time with a friend while maintaining social boundaries. Arrange for a car lunch date, where you each both bring a sack lunch, park near each other and talk from a distance. Go on a walk together and stay a safe distance apart. Go on a walk around your neighborhood and shout hello to friends and neighbors doing yard work.

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What your scent says about your personality…

Have you ever wondered what your favorite scent might say about your personality or which scent aligns well with who you are? Different aromas may actually have a personality type. You can find out if this holds true for you or you may even find another scent you want to try out based on these findings.

  • Woodsy – It’s no surprise that people who like these scents tend to enjoy being surrounded by nature. Sandalwood (one of the more common woodsy scents) has been associated with motivated people that like perfection.
  • Floral – These tend to be associated with people who are more romantic and like to be dressed nicely. If you gravitate toward rose, you may be more introspective. If gardenia is more your thing, you can be seen as a loyal person that can be relied on.
  • Tea tree – You may be looked at as earthy and wise.
  • Citrus – These scents re associated with people who are strong willed, natural leaders, energetic, and outgoing.
  • Fruity – If you like these scents, it may mean that you are energetic or sarcastic (or both!)
  • Lavender – One of the most popular scents, lavender is associated with well-liked people who make good friends.
  • Vanilla – This scent tends to attract fun loving, energetic, party-loving people.
  • Cinnamon – If you like cinnamon, you may be someone who’s focused and charismatic.
  • Frankincense – Those who like this scent tend to be spiritual, creative, and value their alone time.
  • Linen – The clean scent of linen is perfect for the overachiever who is always ready to accomplish new feats.

There’s a scent for everyone. In fact, Buzzfeed put together a fun quiz that will suggest an essential oil based on your personality; try it out. No matter what scent you enjoy, whether it meshes with your personality or not, I invite you to check out the essential oils and fragrances on my page: There are plenty of great choices to pick from!

Something to Smile About

‘Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”— Mother Teresa. At MojiLife, we’re dedicated to putting smiles on the faces of our customers and the people we serve through our community service and charitable work.

While we’re on the subject of smiling, did you know that the simple act of smiling has some powerful health benefits? Numerous studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin. These three neurotransmitters make us feel happier and less stressed. The effect on our mood and health is similar to exercise and good sleep — it simply makes you feel better. Another study shows that smiling can help reduce pain.

Here are some other things about smiling that you may not know:

It’s contagious. Studies have shown that people tend to emulate the facial expressions of those around them. A boss who smiles, for example, may have employees who smile more. It’s a great chain reaction.

It can make you more approachable. Scientists have discovered that people who smile are more approachable to their family and co-workers. One study found that people who smile a lot are viewed as more likable. Another great reason to turn that frown upside down!

It can lower your blood pressure. Research shows that smiling and laughter prompt an immediate increase in your heart rate and oxygen consumption, followed by a period of muscle relaxation, decreased heart rate and lower blood pressure. Researchers are exploring other ways smiling and laughter can boost your body’s vital functions.

It can give your immune system a boost. A group of studies shows that smiling and laughing can boost your immune system.

Men smile less. Most studies on the subject have found that men smile less than women, although there is little agreement as to why.

Not a person who smiles easily? Try watching funny TV shows and movies. Be on the lookout for funny things. If you love cats, try googling ‘funny cat memes’. Spend more time with happy, fun-loving and optimistic people. Need something else to smile about? Our awesome products! You can enjoy incredible fragrances that are non-toxic with no flame, no heat, and no wax. MojiLife is dedicated to a product line that is kid-safe, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscientious. Experience the joy of incredible fragrances — wherever and whenever you choose.

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Give your Party a Wow Factor

Are you preparing to have company? It can be a lot of work getting the house ready for guests, especially when you’re having a big get together. There are so many things to do that the simplest things can fall through the cracks.

As you plan, you’ll want to consider things like who to invite and what food to buy. These are just some of the basic tasks involved in throwing a party. But, what about the small things that can make a big difference?

There are simple things that can take your party from meh to having a wow factor. And the best of all, they’re easy tasks to complete, so you’re not adding a ton of things to your already full plate.

You’ll want to be sure your get together has music. This is one of those things many people forget about as they plan for company, but it can make a huge difference. People may even stay longer at your party if you have some good music playing. Consider the guests you’ll be hosting and the theme of the party, then choose your tunes.

Providing the right ambiance is incredibly important for a successful party. Not only do you want to please their taste buds and their ears, but you also want a pleasant aroma. Your kitchen may already have a delicious aroma from what you cooked, but don’t forget about the other rooms. Make sure every space your guest will be in has a lovely aroma that fits the ambiance you want to set.

Don’t forget the entertainment. Think about things you can offer to keep guests entertained. Place some board games on tables, set up a karaoke machine or game system in one of the rooms, or anything else that would fit the mood of the party.

When you’re hosting a party you want your guests to leave happy. Consider what you can do to create a pleasing ambiance. When you’re looking for the right fragrances or essential oils, head on over to my website to browse a variety of high quality options.

Welcome Autumn with Luxury Fragrances

It’s time to embrace autumn and all of the lovely things that come with the season. The changing leaves, apple pies and pumpkin spice lattes, just to name a few. There are so many wonderful things that this season brings. It’s not only colorful, but filled with tasty baked goods (and the smells that come with them).

If you want to make your home smell like Autumn, you can try some of MojiLife’s traditional line of fragrances, such as Johnny Appleseed, Madagascar Vanilla, Velvet Woods, Cup o’ Joe, Rich Leather, and Whisper. You can learn all about these fragrances on my website: , you can also browse some of the new seasonal scents available for a limited time:

  • Autumn Elegance: This delicious scent offers the amazing fragrance of freshly baked pastries. The aroma is a mix of ginger, maple and vanilla cream.
  • Fall Colors: This one offers the fresh fragrance of the season – blending apple, cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Rustic Spice: This inviting fragrance mixes cinnamon, cloves and vanilla with just a tinge of red plum thrown in.
  • Sugared Pumpkin: Harvest spices, amber and sandalwood make for a luxurious aroma.

One of the best things about fall is the amazing scents that mingle in the air, from a fresh breezy walk through a colorful path on the trail to the apple and pumpkin pies baking in the oven. It’s enough to make anyone embrace the waning daylight hours.

So, what fragrance will you try out? Will you go for one listed on the traditional line or will you try something that’s only available for a limited time? Will you delight your senses with a fresh fragrance or maybe something sweet? The nice thing is, no matter what you decide, there’s a MojiLife fragrance that will fit your desires.